Our Goal

We are an online community of people who share a passion for skills and arts. If you have a strong affinity towards typographical skills then join our community. Whether you wish to learn or even if you wish to teach, our community will accept you with open arms.

It is in fact our goal to bridge the gap between all those who have a passion to learn typography and those who have an in-depth knowledge of typography that they would like to share with others. These teachers and students are often separated geographically and it is our goal to unit them on our online community platform. This also allows any and every kind of student as well as teacher from anywhere across the globe to sit within their comfort zone and do what they love best.

If you are a student who has a keen interest in typography and other forms of skills and art it will be exciting for you to come and choose from our over 1700 online courses. We have something for everyone. There are as many as 2 million students who have changed their lives for the better. And all of this done sitting within their comfort zones.

Teachers also get an opportunity to pursue their career in their comfort zones. We have paid as much as $5 million as fees to teachers teaching various forms of typography and other forms of skills and arts.

Our online community aims to create a healthy and happy community of likeminded people who can fulfil their dreams of learning or teaching a form of art they are passionate about. Join us and help make the world a more creative place.